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In which William Haynes is spot on.

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The child actors in game of thrones are just mind blowing

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Who has found the Queen now?



Kuroko gave her a soft smile, “Well. it’s a pleasure in meeting you Macabre-san~" she said, raising an eyebrow 'She doesn't even where she is? .. what the hell.. How'd the hell she even get here?' Kuroko questioned in thought. 

Crossing her arms, “To be in fact, you’re currently in my house.. well in my room ” she stated, emphasizing  the last part. “It seems.. you have no idea how you got here? Correct..?" she asked, well it was more of a statement than a question.

"Charmed." Bride returned her smile and stood to her feet. She stretched her limbs, dusted her butt off, and tousled her hair. No doubt the fall had caused her to look disheveled, and that was one thing she was not. As she primped, her eyes remained fixed on Kuroko. There was no way she could enter a realm within her fur; she’d tried.

Judging from the other woman’s puzzled expression, it didn’t seem to be her doing either. 'I'll get to the bottom of this, and whoever's at fault better have a good reason.’ She blinked at Kuroko’s words and shrugged. “Hai~ Your guess is as good as mine, though. The last thing I remember is dozing off on my island and, then, boom! Back pain.” Bride’s eyes fell to the floor and she started kneading her lower back with her thumbs. “…Neee~ It’s hard as a brick down there.”

Kuroko chuckled at her explanation, “Well that’s one way to enter someone’s house" she joked, "An island? That’s interesting" she said. At least she’s polite that’s one thing, besides that.. she seems like an interesting character She thought. Truly, she was. A strange woman suddenly appearing in her house, telling her she had no idea how, it’s funny. 

Well, let’s not waste any time, why don’t you come into the living room for some tea, if you’d like?" she asked, though the tone of hers sounded much more like a command that asking to be precise. "It annoys me, but I’m getting too much use to people randomly inside my house.." she stated with a annoyed sigh.

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                                          Iᴄʜɪɢᴏ Kᴜʀᴏsᴀᴋɪ

          “Iғ ι don'т wιeld тнe ѕword, ι can'т proтecт yoυ.”

☾ ||Part of Eternal Requiems, but free to roleplay outside of the group!

☾ ||Novella/Multi-Para/One-liners, whatever floats your boat~

☾ ||Open to plots and spontaneous starters alike

☾ ||Multifandom and OC friendly

☾ ||Four years roleplay experience [one in tumblr]

☾ ||Most active during weekends

☾ ||Can work within any point in the Bleach timeline
                                              default; post hueco mundo arc

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Send ‘kiss’ + “someones url” and I’ll kiss whoever they are.

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people are following me probably thinking im cool

truth is 

you are completely right

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i will answer any anon that comes to my ask box for the next hour. anything goes, so, ask away!

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Luffy !

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Oh shit.

We’re lucky octopuses don’t have bones, because if they did they’d come on land and take over.

My dad’s friend owned a pet store and for some reason they had an octopus, well they were slowly loosing fish and didn’t know why so they set up a video camrea to catch a fish theif, the next day the fish were gone as usual and when they went to check on the video.
The octopus had opened his tank went to the fish tank acroos from it opened THAT and took a few fish to eat then closed it went back to his tank and closed that looking like he never did a thing

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Samurai Heart by *netamashii

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ONE PIECE // #1 OF 9

monkey d. luffy captain 麦わら

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